SR Saddles

If any family members need help with this, Steve’s website, I can help. He hired me to do it in 2016 or so. AL Guevara


Custom Trail Saddles for the selective rider seeking quality and performance

Saddle SR Enduro

SR Saddles are built for the selective rider needing the highest form of saddle quality available. Quality in craftsmanship and function.

SR Saddles are a very high quality custom-built saddle… combining master quality leather work, materials, and with its unique high-tech dynamic tree design… to significantly improve horse and rider function and performance.

SR Enduro with Flaps

A true investment providing many years pride of ownership through quality and proper functional use to the rider and their horse. Not a throw away saddle. Entering my 30th year of saddle design success, I invite riders here to take a closer look and really become familiar with and understand my saddles, and learn how they are different from every other saddle in the trail ride market. I am available always for further teaching of the successes of my saddles. It is the education of the proper use of a saddle which will satisfy the rider to purchase a saddle that one day they cannot ride without.

SR Saddles are my unique design, not merely a copy of western or english saddles. My saddle designs have originated from two American patents. My design delivers a dynamic component tree mounted onto soft upholstered skirting…replacing the rigid, non-yielding trees found standard in the saddle market. The failures of other saddles are not incorporated in the SR saddle designs, resulting in more comfort and freedom of movement for the horse and rider for a greater period of time and mileage. My target in design is to provide a saddle which remains fit to the horse during motion…not standing… and a true comfortable balance platform for the rider during motion…not standing still….

I personally hand craft each SR Saddle, they are not factory built. They are the finished dream of a horse loving rider, a craftsman, an artist. Each saddle can be custom-made to your individual horse’s back and to the measurements of you…the rider. Even though my saddles can be custom fit to each horse, they can be refit to your horse as his back develops changes in back conformation (due to fitness, weight change, seasonal, developmental), or possibly refit to a totally new horse in your future