About SR

Steve Ray.
As a rider…has been designing custom saddles and fitting for function for over thirty years. As a saddler he examples his true horsemanship and his overall love and sensitivity for the horse… he has developed a high understanding of the horses and riders needs, particularly through movement. This understanding leaves him truly capable of providing you and your horse with the best fit to function saddle on the market.

Customer Service a Priority.
Steve goes the extra mile in providing excellent customer service to those ordering and purchasing a saddle from him. He will work closely with you to design and build your saddle, and will be there for you after you receive your saddle and have questions, or need the saddle refitted/adjusted in the future. Steve offers unlimited saddle refitting’s, if needed, without shop costs for the first year after you purchase a new saddle directly from him. This supports the belief that horses will physically redevelop under a new proper saddle sometimes changing the initial fit to that horse. (Not applicable to your used saddle purchases). Steve’s ultimate concerns are for the comfort and function of the horse, and your comfort and function as a rider.

Steve resides in Bend, Oregon, and is available to riders anywhere for saddle fit design and consultation. Saddle fit consultation and education of all type of saddles are available upon request. Steve is a great teacher of saddle function and maintains that saddle “fit to function” education will benefit both the horse and the rider… with over thirty years of saddle fitting knowledge and a hands on experience to share.

Artisan Hand Craftsmanship.

Learn to “Survive the Ride” with your equipment.

Artisan Hand Craftsmanship.

The saddle with its very own personal signature.