Design Features

Here’s why…the success you buy…
is different from other saddles on the market!

SR Enduro… Chestnut color… 4″ cantle…stirrups…17 lbs.

SR Saddle Co. is in its 30th year of success. We have maintained this success because there is more versatility in this saddle than any other, and designed to be so.

The saddles fitting to the horse can change; the seat comfort to the rider can change; the mechanics to provide rider balance can change; all parts of the saddle can be replaced. These are some of the elements making this saddle your life-long investment.

Riders have been using their saddles for 30+ years! My saddles are successful and have been trail proven in the most grueling of trail riding … “endurance”

~High-Tech Dynamic Tree that remains fit to the “moving horse”.

The hand-made fiberglass lamination tree is my own design, not a copy of a Western or English saddle tree. All trees are an “in shop” build to maintain quality control of the saddles foundation. The tree design is dynamic, minimally flexible in that it is designed to yield to pressures applied by the horse and riders movement, creating a centered stable rider balance platform and weight distribution structure onto the horse. The tree is not flexible like a treeless saddle or a tennis shoe. It is only a yielding flexibility. Specific sections will flex. The tree is a firm “figure 8” design where the rider positions and postures in the center/cross of the “figure 8”. This unique “figure 8” tree allows the saddles quadrant sections to move independently of each other through each of the four quadrants of the horse’s back… assisting with the horses diagonal movement through its back structure.

This design provides a “less stress” function to the horses overall movements by reducing the horses over compensation of restricted movement usually typical in the rigid tree saddles. The design of the saddle creates a more dynamic function through movement of both horse and rider.

Figure “8” tree seatpiece mounted to the upholstered molding skirting.

~Upholstered skirting provides a molding weight distribution.

The saddle tree seatpiece is mounted on an upholstered skirting base — a combination of shaped foams and dacron…taking the place of the rigid non-yielding wooden bars or hard packed panels of traditional saddles. This upholstery combination does mold to the moving conformation of the horse’s back from the horses standing back conformation. The upholstered skirting does not keep the static size and shape from its initial build and fitting. The saddles skirting will re-mold. The new molded fit to the size and shape of the moving back provides an excellent weight load distributing platform onto the horse’s back, giving a greater square inch coverage than traditional rigid bar or paneled saddles. The seatpiece/skirting combination, as a saddle foundation, offers the rider a correct position and posture on the horse; a level saddle for optimal weight distribution; and excellent full saddle skirt contact to the horse’s back… throughout all the horses changing movements. My saddle simply fits and functions best for the rider and horse during motion.

~Custom fit to the horse’s back by a plaster casting.

The saddles are initially fit to a plaster casting of your horse’s back, or if requested to a general, standard of the market size: wide, medium, narrow… arab, semi-quarter, quarter horse…etc. riders choice. The plaster casting allows for the horses body form to be present during the saddles build. This will ensure the proper sizing and positioning of the saddle onto the horses back, proper level of the saddle for functional weight distribution, and maximum contact of the upholstered skirting to the horses designated saddle fit area. This plaster cast fitting also begins the documentation of your saddles fit to provide a fit history if changes should occur at a later time. After its initial build/fitting, the saddle will then mold from its casting fit to the functional movement fit of the performing horse in the first few beginning rides…creating the functional “dynamic fit” to the moving horse.

The saddle is fit to the topside of the casting. The castings thickness represents the compressed saddle pad in the fitting, to ensure the saddle is fit with its pads usage in mind.

~Saddles have an unlimited refit capability

The design and construction of the upholstered skirting allows for the saddle to have unlimited refitting’s to the changing initial horse, or possibly a different choice of horse at a later date.

~Saddles offer a “centered” seat posture for your ride balance.

100% balanced dressage posture, with adjustment to finetune..also available are adjustment options to create a more “chair seat” for those needing this posture. The seat width of the tree directly under the rider is only 6″, allowing for an anatomically correct thigh curve placement right at the hip-joint of the rider. The seat to stirrup position mechanics of the tree places the rider into a dressage posture, through all gaits of the moving horse. The stirrup hang in the tree has 3 positions…front to back… accommodating rider preference… and fine tuning rider posture… very important in long hours, long miles to reduce fatigue and increase performance of horse and rider.

~Saddle seats provide a fatigue reducing custom rider fit.

The seats are custom sized and shaped for the rider, foam padded and narrowed, providing an anatomically correct thigh and pelvis position for motion. The seats shape in the tree is finished of component construction, and if needed, the finished shape of the seat can be changed to later further customize comfort for the rider. The seat is not one solid piece of uncomfortable shape the rider must get used to while riding. The seat is finished in a high quality chap/moccasin leather, covering a foundation of dual molding foam which will mold to the bottom shape of the rider in a riding position and posture in movement, thus further customizing the seats shape to provide the comfort and body dynamics required. Seat sizes in 14…15…16…17 inch to your body measurements.

Padded thigh rolls, a four-inch “deep seat” cantle, with a firm grip handle, provide the balance platform for a riders security.


SR saddle designs provide more security for the rider. The grip handle design is low and below the riders rein hold. With a foam padded fingertip grip underside and a “no slip” rib above. Firm padded thigh rolls add to define your seat, giving a thigh grab when needed, also a nice stop for forward movement. The four-inch cantle height provides a deep seat without the “bucket seat” feel, also adding a nice stop to rearward movement.

~Lightweight full build saddles.

Saddle weight ranges from 16 – 22 lbs depending on the size of the rider. Most saddles will size 21-24 inches front to back in the horse’s saddle proper saddle fit area.

~Fenders and stirrups are sized to the rider’s leg length, with adjustment, while providing close contact to the horse and rider comfort.

Single layer fender design reduces bulk to riders leg and knee position, providing a free swing, close leg contact to your horse.

The fenders are a traditional western shaped cut on the Enduro, however, they are of a leather and safety seat belt strap lamination. This provides for only one single layer of fender between the rider’s leg and the horse, and allows very close contact of rider’s legs to the horse. There are no additional stirrup leathers added to the fender to create bulk, or the hard twist of the stirrup to the rider’s leg. The fenders are designed to remove bulk and provide for an “easy twist” to reduce fender-turning stress to the riders’ feet, ankles, knees, legs, and hips. The Fenders will adjust front to back in the tree and up to down in the tree…providing much versatility for the fine tune of posture to the rider.

~Load-Leveling Rigging, multi-positional.
The saddles rigging design is taken from the US cavalry saddles, and is a multi-positional, self-load leveling, no bulk, rigging constructed of nylon strap and leather lamination. The rigging is not in a “set” position in the saddle, and can be positioned to match the better cinch position for the horse during the horses movement. The saddles can be set up for a western cinch or english girth, and can be interchanged at anytime during the life of the saddle, offering whichever style is better for the horses movement and health. Multiple rigging positions will adjust to match the girthing position on the horse, never a set rigging position… always keeping the saddle in its saddle fit position.

~Master Quality Handwork.

Superb attention to quality detail. Fine machine and handstitching used. Quality detailed edging. Saddles sections are leather lined in their underparts… providing for years and miles of beautiful use. All hand crafted detail features are standard on the SR saddles, which are generally extra costs in general saddlery markets.

~Hand crafted of finest leathers obtainable.

Saddles are available in colors of black, dark brown, chestnut, and natural leather.

~Multiple secure D-rings and ties.

Seven dee rings and four latigo leather saddle strings around the saddles back… four dees along the saddles front edge.