Fitting, Re-fitting and Repairs

Most all the SR Saddles can be refit to a horse different from the saddles initial build and fit. Information about the particular saddle and horse will be needed to determine this. Contact SR Saddles for more information if you will need a pre-owned saddle to be horse re-fitted. Fitting procedure requirements can be emailed.

Pre-owned SR Saddles may also need repairs or need to be upgraded to keep them safe and functional for horse and rider. Below is a list of the most common repairs/upgrades that pre-owned saddles often show they need.

Replace rigging straps, connecting hardware check

Replace english billets

Replace underside sheepskin

Replace saddle strings, dee rings, etc.

Reline fender underside leather

Resize fenders to riding inseam of rider


Contact SR Saddles for fitting /repair pricing.