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When ordering a saddle, the first step is to ensure you and your horse are “fit-able” by SR Saddles. I will need to have the measurement of:

  1. Your hip circumference…. measured at its widest point.
  2. The circumference of one single thigh… measured at the crotch level.

This will size your seat and the overall length of the saddle as applied to the length of the horses back.

I will also need a photo of your horse.
This photo should be taken from the left side of the horse… straight on… centered to the horses ribcage…the horse standing on absolute flat level ground (most important)…the horse’s head in a neutral position…the body of the horse to fill the photo. Ensure that your camera is level while taking this photo.

How to take horse photo
Sample of a proper photo.

Upon accepting your fit, you can obtain a delivery time on my waiting list.

A $500 deposit is required to secure the order for a saddle. Your build time is set to a delivery time within a specific month. You will then receive your order packet through email.

Closer to your build time we will work on getting the plaster cast mold of your horse’s back. Plaster materials and their shipping are available from SR Saddles for a $53 charge. I will also provide you detailed instructions for the plastering procedure.

Custom saddles are priced starting at $2890 (Enduro model without stirrups).

Prices will vary with models and options chosen. A current full price list and order form is available via email upon request. The time from deposit to delivery of your saddle varies with my current workload. If you are considering ordering a saddle, placing your order as soon as possible will guarantee you the earliest delivery in your riding season. Contact me to check on build availability and delivery dates… cancellation and postponement build slots are sometimes available for new orders.

Please contact me if you are interested in ordering a saddle. I look forward to working with you to deliver the best fit for your horse and you!

Enduro… 4″cantle… chestnut color… SR stirrups added… 17lbs