Pre Owned SRs

SR Saddles is not in the business of doing favors for the pre-owned saddle market. Buying or selling. All the information you need about a used saddle can come from the saddles seller. They have the saddle and the horse it is used on in hand. A little work with a tape measure and photos will help you determine if this is the saddle you require.

If this is absolutely not possible…SR will provide a specific pre-owned saddles build information to a buyer or seller for a $45.00 fee…payable through PayPal before service. “All” services provided by SR for any information on a pre-owned saddle will be charged for. Please contact SR Saddles by phone or email if you require this service.

Any and all saddles need:

>To be of proper rider size…for safe rider weight distribution into the horses saddle fit area.

>To be of proper saddle size…to fit within the horses backs saddle fit area.

>To be fit to its manufactured level or balance.

>To have good surface contact…angles and curves…to the horses back with use of a proper pad.

If you are considering the purchase of a used SR Saddle:
Do not assume any SR Saddle will fit and function properly to your horse before you purchase. Once built new… the SR Saddles do mold to the new size and shape of the horses moving back. I do not have the record of that new fitting.  Only the saddles finished fit at its build is recorded. I cannot give you the existing fit configuration, size and shape, of any particular used saddle. The older saddles are more limited in what they will refit to… because of their age, prior care, etc., They may require additional work to obtain a proper fit. There are seven generations of SR saddle designs from the 1988 year… each generation has their very own unique and different limits of fitting and functioning to a horse. Each saddle is individually numbered. The last SR Saddle was numbered 1093 in February 2019.

Here is the information you will need to properly size and fit an SR Saddle.

1…”The Number” on the pre-owned saddle.

2…”Seat Size” SR Saddles are available in four seat sizes. You will need to measure your hip circumference and a single thigh circumference…your single thigh circumference measured at the crotch level. These measurements will determine your seats size.

  • The 14″ seat will fit a 36-38″ hip with a 20-22″ thigh.
  • The 15″ seat will fit a 38-40″ hip with a 22-24″ thigh.
  • The 16″ seat will fit a 40-44″ hip with a 24-27″ thigh.
  • The 17″ seat will fit anyone larger than the others…to a limit

3…”Riding Inseam” The fenders on the SR saddles are more size specific than other saddles. You need to check your length of leg in the saddle you ride in now for comparison to a pre-owned saddles fender. This measurement is measured from the centerline… left to right… in the seat (spineline)… where you sit (seat bone area)… with a tape measure lying on the “saddles surface”…straight down to the flat tread or step where you contact the ball of your foot in the stirrup. Do not sit in the saddle for this measurement. Do not measure in a curved line, as in to follow your knees position. Measure a straight line. This is your riding inseam in a saddle.

4…”The Horses Photo” (example below) should be taken straight on to the horse, centered to the horses ribcage… from the left side of the horse… with the horse standing on absolute flat level ground… Its head in a neutral position…the body of the horse to fill the photo. Ensure that your camera is level while taking the photo. All other photos can help but this type photo is a necessity to evaluate the weight distribution of the horse and saddle… level back, butt high downhill, etc. The most important element of saddle fit and function is setting up the saddles weight distribution. 

How to take horse photo
                                      SAMPLE HORSE PHOTO

There it all is…all in print. Stop the misinformation.